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Map of KL in Malaysia

We have all been there - you are on vacation in a far-off city, walking through the streets and several wrong turns later, you’re lost! At these moments you curse your inability to understand the local street signs and hope that if you continue walking along your chosen path, you don’t end up in a dodgy section of town.

Why not take all that hassle away by printing out our free KL City Map? A detailed depiction of the city boiled down to its essences, we have marked out our favourite drinking, dining and shopping spots, as well as great hotels and where to head to for things to do and see. Simply select the area where you are visiting and print it out so you will find local sights. You’ll never get lost again!

Map of Kuala Lumpur - North West area Map of Kuala Lumpur - North East area Map of Kuala Lumpur - South West area Map of Kuala Lumpur - South East area

About Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur

The hub of modernity and urbanisation. Enjoy the crisp shopping opportunities for both traditional and modern commodities in malls. Read More...

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